Close Proximity to FXCM’s Matching Engines

Leverage FXCM’s global footprint and FXCM’s Technology Team’s experience to host services on servers in an environment parallel to FXCM’s production trading environments; Capitalize on ultra-low latencies achieved through co-location with FXCM’s matching engines located in New York (NY7), London (LD4) and Tokyo (TY3). Benefit from the expertise of FXCM’s production engineers for your own applications & services.


Increased Connectivity Speed in Emerging Markets

Benefit from economy of scale by partnering with FXCM to optimize connectivity to customers for servers hosted at FXCM. Achieve optimal service levels for your customers seeking both stable and consistent connections with low median latencies through unique and redundant connectivity options engineered by FXCM.

Multiple Delivery Channels

Automate your trading and applications through API access via FIX, .NET, and Java; Functionality includes all orders types, streaming market depth, and reporting based API solutions. Learn more about our programming solutions.

Leverage Third Party Integrations

Gain access to FXCM’s Ecosystem of partners and third parties to provide additional platforms and liquidity solutions. FXCM platforms and liquidity solutions are integrated to all major bridge providers, including OneZero, Gold-I, and PrimeXM. FXCM liquidity solutions are also integrated to a variety of third party technologies including ECNs, platform providers, and charting packages.

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