FXCM’s proprietary back office collects all trades done across a variety of ECN and single bank trading venues, providing clients a holistic view of their positions. Pre-trade and post trade credit checks ensure efficient and effective allocation of net open position (NOP) utilization.

Independent and Unbiased Prime Services

All FXCM Prime customers execute user agreements with each trading venue, paying trading commissions directly to each ECN or single bank. FXCM earns revenue through commissions collected from pre-agreed clearing fees.*

As a result, FXCM does not mark-up third party trading venues or receive trading “kickbacks” generated by third party ECNs or banks. FXCM Prime behaves as does a tier one clearer, and thus is truly agnostic to your choice of trading venues.

Centralized Clearing

Maker and taker sessions available to trade through multiple execution venues such as Bloomberg Tradebook, Currenx, EBS, FastMatch, FX All, Hotspot, and several other ECN venues, as well as single bank platforms. All trading PnL collates into FXCM’s proprietary back office where net positioning and PnL is displayed across all trading channels.

Single NOP Allocation

Pre-trade risk management solutions performed on either maker and/or taker sessions allow our customers the ability to manage one NOP limit. No more need for intraday limit increases within single venues, FXCM issues a single top level NOP that is managed across all platforms.

Speedy Onboarding

FXCM Prime allows customers with a minimum balance of over $250,000 and no asset requirement.


Unrivaled Support

At FXCM Prime, there is nothing more important than our clients and partners. This is evident through the standard of service that each receive:

  • Diverse team of more than 30 industry veterans with decades of experience.
  • Personal & dedicated support for all users from day 1; assuring a positive customer experience from onboarding to integration and beyond.
  • We have staff available on our prime desk to assist our clients from 10:00pm GMT Sunday to 10:00pm GMT Friday.

FXCM Prime is specifically designed for:

  • High-Frequency Trading Firms (HFTs)
  • Proprietary Trading Firms (Prop Shops)
  • Small & Medium Size Hedge Funds
  • Small Regional & Emerging Market Banks

ECN Direct Market Access

Venues currently connected include:

bloomberg   currenex   EBS   fastmatch   fxall   hotspot

Direct, Single Bank Access

Venues currently connected include:

goldman   nomura   ubs   citi  deustche  bnp  rbs

Connectivity Infrastructure:

Co-Located Infrastructure via Independent Infrastructure in all 3-primary Market Access points; New York (NY4), London (LD4), and Tokyo (TY3). Key Highlights Include:

  • Ultra-Low Latency Gateway
  • Support for Both Passive & Aggressive Orders
  • Single API integration

Trade & Risk Management

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Centralized Position Management
  • Low Intra-Day Margin w/Auto-Liquidation Capabilities
  • Margin, NOP, and Equity Alerts
  • Pre-Trade Credit Checks